Rimuovere il email “Hello, Perv”

Hello, Perv.
You’ve been looking at porn sites recently .
One at them had my virus on it .
When u started its video, your computer downloaded and launched my malicious software.
After that, I started your camera and recorded a video at u masturbating .
I’ve gathered all its contacts from your computer.
After that, I put together a video at your Masturbation and added videos with child porn.
In my version at its video, u masturbate to sex with kids.

I’m giving u its opportunity to save your life!
Below I will provide u with its address at My bitcoin wallet.

Send me 500 EURO in BTC.

BTC wlt – 1Pdf1QMXH7e9957vhMskAFKQNi79eoa9Rm
(If you don’t know what bitcoin / write to buy bitcoin in Google)

You have 24 hours after reading its letter.
As soon as my wallet receives its payment , its system will automatically destroy all its dirt that I made.
If u need more time , open its notebook and write ” Plz 48″
In that case , u’ll have 48 hours to send me its money.
If after a time, I do not see its money in my wallet .
I’ll send my dirt to all your colleagues and friends right away.
I can see everything u’re doing on your computer , so don’t try to trick me.
If I understand that u’re just stalling, I will immediately send dirt on your contacts!
Hurry u have little time, save your life!

Rimuovere il email Hello, Perv

Per rimuovere Hello, Perv, è necessario seguire le istruzioni fornite per la massima efficienza. Nel caso in cui non si ha esperienza nella rimozione manuale di software dannoso, si consiglia di utilizzare anche uno strumento avanzato contro il software dannoso per eseguire la cancellazione automatica.

Importante! Notifica significante per la minaccia Hello, Perv: L’eliminazione manuale di Hello, Perv richiede un intervento nei file di sistema e nei registri. Quindi, può causare danni al vostro PC. Anche se le vostre capacità informatiche non sono a un livello professionale, non vi preoccupate. Potete eseguire da soli l’eliminazione in 5 minuti, con l’aiuto di uno strumento per la rimozione di software malevolo

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